Contesting a Will

When individuals create a last will and testament, the intent is to articulate their final wishes for estate disposition. However, in certain instances, the creation of a will can lead to family conflicts or disputes among beneficiaries, resulting in a will contest. The Borger Law Firm PLLC will contests specialize in navigating the complexities, addressing both objections to executor appointments and challenges to the validity of the will provision.

Contesting Executor : Administrator of a Will

In some cases, family members or beneficiaries may object to an individual seeking an appointment as the executor or administrator of the estate. Reasons for objection may include perceived lack of qualification, knowledge of adverse conflicts, or prior felony convictions disqualifying the proposed executor. In such contests, the focus is on assessing the suitability of the individual seeking the role, rather than challenging the validity of the will's provisions.

Contesting Will Provisions

Alternatively, challenges may arise directly against the validity of the provisions outlined in the will. Our experienced legal team at The Borger Law Firm PLLC is well-equipped with the Texas legal services to handle these multifaceted contests, providing strategic guidance and representation throughout the process.

  • Revocation of the Will: Contestants may claim the Decedent revoked the will before death, presenting a more recent will as evidence.
  • Lack of Capacity: Challenges may be based on the allegation that the Decedent lacked the capacity to create a will at the time of execution, rendering that will invalid.
  • Undue Influence: Allegations may arise that the Decedent executed the will under undue influence, questioning the authenticity of the Decedent's intentions and the validity of the will.

Expert Guidance for Will Contests

In the intricate landscape of will contests, entrust The Borger Law Firm PLLC to safeguard your interests. Whether contesting executor appointments or challenging will provision, our team is dedicated to resolving these disputes with precision and professionalism. To explore how we can help you resolve probate disputes with confidence, visit the probate disputes page.